Reliability & Security You Can Trust!

With large, high profile companies confirming data breaches and cyber criminals becoming more sophisticated; the PC SafePro Suite of security products has become more essential than ever!

  • Anti-Virus Scan Check for malware, adware and viruses.

  • Value Competitive Prices

  • FirewallKeep your data safe with our advanced firewall.

  • Real-Time SecurityWe monitor your devices in real time to keep you safe from threats.

The Advantage With PC SafePro

Featured Products

PC SafePro Anti Malware

PC SafePro Anti Malware uses Advanced Malware and Virus Detection Algorithms to provide you with complete peace of mind using digital protection that runs in the background of your machine 24/7.


PC SafePro Cleaning Utility

PC SafePro Cleaning Utility is a safe and simple way to clean your computer of unnecessary files that could be slowing down performance.


PC SafePro Secure Root

PC SafePro Secure Root is a safe and simple way to maximize the potential of your computer system.